Project Build-Out

After the project has been priced and a contract has been entered into, our Construction Management Team begins its work. The members of this department understand that for a project to be successful it must be delivered within budget and on time. Whether your project is large or small, we effectively manage each project to maximize its success.

Our Project Managers are highly skilled in all aspects of project management. This includes: ​

  • Communicating with our Clients

  • Preparing and Maintaining Project Schedules 

  • Coordinating Inspections by the Governing Agencies

  • Subcontractor Management & Material Delivery Coordination 

  • Preparing and Monitoring the Project Submittals

  • Coordinating the Engineering & Surveying Needs

  • Managing the Project Paperwork 

  • Completing the Project Close-Out Paperwork 

Our experienced field personnel self-perform a majority of our construction work. This includes:

  • Mass Excavation: From 1,000 Cubic Yards to 1 Million Cubic Yards, we have the capacity to grade projects of all sizes

  • Utility Installation: We have the expertise and knowledge to install pipe of all dimensions, at any depth and in any soil condition 

  • Asphalt Paving: With two asphalt plants, we are capable of producing and laying thousands of tons of asphalt per day

  • Subcontractor Management: Our Project Foremen excel at day-to-day coordination and management of our valued subcontractors